S. Difede, Your faithful “coachee”

So many positive changes have been happening in my life at a lightning speed since we began our sessions only a couple of months ago.  I’ve cleaned up much of the unresolved, intolerable, and messy things in my life, like old paperwork, bills, old agreements, poor money management style, clogged drain pipes,  uncollected refunds,  funky wardrobe,  drab hair, etc.  You’ve also helped me zero in on many of the beliefs and behaviors that were holding me back or shoving me around or just keeping me stuck and waiting.

As a result of the insight I’ve gotten from your coaching, my income has more than doubled, my life has simplified, my anxiety has dropped, and my goals are manifesting almost as soon as I write them down.

My eating habits and amount of daily exercise effortlessly began improving–literally overnight–once you helped me get in touch with a sneaky thought pattern that was keeping me angry at myself.   I look and feel better and I am definitely back on track with being more accountable, more authentic and more loving with myself.

Your specific suggestions and coaching methods have given me the best return-on-investment I have every made in myself!  And we’ve barely gotten started!

S. Difede, Your faithful "coachee"Healer and Artist