Step 4 in a 4 Step Process to Create More Clients

We have learned the prior three steps of connection, invitation and enrollment. The 4 and final step is your offer.

offer photo

Your offer, or rather solution to their problem, should be a shoo-in. It should already be understood in the prior three steps that your offer is the natural next step for them to take, if it’s a correct match.

When you present your offer you are validating the solution to their problem by presenting to them the result or dream that they are wanting. This is an opportunity for you to also tailor your specific solution. Some clients might be best suited for one-on-one coaching, group coaching or a V.I.P program. If you are only offering one service, then your clarity and process of the first three steps is essential.

I like to believe that you are not selling anything at this point, you are presenting the solution to their problem. You are being of service which is what you are in business for. This is where you have the opportunity to discover whether their might be gaps in your first 3 steps as your potential client might have some concerns.

Be a master at these four steps and you should be able to enroll clients on a consistent basis.

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