Step 3 in a 4 Step Process to Create More Clients

The first step is connection. The second step is invitation. The third step is enrollment. At this point a client has expressed enough interest to set up the strategy session with you, yet is still referred to as a “potential client”. This is where you might get really excited that you have a client, but be careful that you don’t make that assumption because you will be disappointed if it’s not a match.

When we enroll a client we are asking them to invest in themselves and the service that we provide. This is our opportunity to dig deeper into what problems they want solved and whether we have the solutions to solve them. This is when we decide if our service and their needs are a great match for each other. If not, then we may need to go back and work on steps one and two to figure out what led to that being possible. Keep this process simple and track it. This will avoid a lot of confusion on what to do next.

When someone is enrolling in a potential program, we are not converting or selling them! We are offering the next best step to solve their problem. We are the solution to what is wanted or needed. We are not selling how great our program is. Do your best to avoid this trap.

The 3 most important things in your strategy sessions:

  1. Your understanding of their problem, and their understanding of their problem.
  2. The high costs that are involved if it isn’t solved for them.
  3. What outcome they want that your service provides that avoids these costs.

The first 3 steps clear the way to make the final step congruent for the “potential client” to now become a client. That step is your offer.


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