Step 1 in a 4 Step Process to Create More Clients

Attracting clients is becoming passé. How we get more clients is by creating them. Our marketing is what attracts clients to our message. We still need to do the work to actually create a client from our marketing. This all happens with a simple and proven 4 step process you can use as your go-to process moving forward. A simple enrollment process is the most important and effective tool you can have. The first of the four steps is connection.

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Connection is the anchor to all your clients. It is the #1 most important concept you must understand before anything can be achieved.

I recall when I first started out back in the year 2000. I had a love for personal transformation, and begun my coaching program with Coach U, yet had no knowledge of coaching. I gave my business name a catchy title, Transformation Station, and began. I placed some ads in popular magazines and also did on-the-spot coaching at workshops I was attending. I created conversations with people and boldly asked them if they wanted to be coached. I didn’t try to do anything that was scripted, planned or processed in some step-by-step fashion. I just did it. I gave them the experience and that was all that I needed to do.

It was that simple. I didn’t do anything fancy, tricky, or persuasive. I just offered to connect with them.

Today’s market is still the same as it was years ago, just different. The same principles apply. Avoid getting too distracted by all the marketing channels and choose what you feel connects you best to your audience. Some people have preferences like speaking and others Facebook ads.

What matters first is the connection.

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