Client Attraction Peril #7: Escaping Fantasyland

This is the final chapter in our “Seven Perils to Achieving Your Potential” Series. I purposely saved this for last because, of the bunch, this one’s a real bubble-buster. Sometimes some bubbles just have to be popped, and if one wants to move ahead in the real world they’ll have to find a way of…

Peril #7: Escaping Fantasyland

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Do you sometimes find yourself drifting off into a Walter Mitty-like state where you’re slaying dragons or saving the planet from merciless mercenaries? You do? Great! I do, too. Escaping reality once in awhile is fun and often necessary. The problems arise (A) when you do it too often and (B) when you do it, you stay too long.

If you visit fantasyland too often and/or stay too long when you do, you can become a stranger in your own reality (on those occasions when you choose to pay it a visit). There are as many reasons and theories as to why humans choose to mentally escape reality as there are psychoanalysts in the phone book. Depending on how serious the problem is, dealing with the reasons is best left up to the professionals. Dealing with the consequences will always be left up to you.

Healers, coaches, and counselors are highly creative, problem-solving sorts. We tend to care more about others, which is the number one reason we chose this course in the first place. This makes us prime candidates to become driftwood floating off into a land of more shadow than substance. I know; I’ve been there more often than I care to count. (I’ll even admit, I like it.)

But even experiences like excursions into fantasyland provide lessons, and as Head Coach here at Healers U I want to pass these along to you if you feel they might apply. There are many techniques and tactics I can share for dealing with this issue, too many for this email. However, I do have space to share the most important of the series:

Stay grounded in reality by focusing on the needs of those you serve. Trips to fantasyland are escapes from a reality we wish to avoid. As a healer, coach, or counselor there is one reality you, by nature, never want to escape. It’s the reality of your responsibility to your clients’ needs. You were put here to help others; it’s why you do what you do, and it’s what makes you who you are. You are the real hero, seen through the eyes of those you serve. Hold on to that, and in time your reality will be a place you may never want to escape from again.

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