Client Attraction Peril #4: Expecting Too Much Too Soon

If so, then this is a peril that may very well apply to you

Expecting Too Much Too Soon

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Expectations – in many ways life and business would be so much easier without them. Yet without them, what would be the point? You need to expect something out of an investment of time, money, effort, or emotions, right? The dark side of expectations rears its ugly head when we apply two specific conditions – time and quality (or) quantity. Consider for a moment the expression, “It (or they) didn’t live up to my expectations.”

Well, that may be a function of whatever or whomever it was you based the expectations on, or maybe the expectations were off to begin with. When you enter into an agreement or arrangement with another person are the expectations very clearly articulated? By clearly I mean you, as the one on the “expecting” end of the bargain, in no uncertain terms and in writing state: “I expect this, this, this, and this. I expect it by this date, and I expect the quality standard to be such and such.”

No? Then how is it possible to be disappointed? The only expectations one should keep to oneself are those one has of oneself. All others must be clearly shared with those who share in the responsibility to make them happen. But wait! There’s more!

You need those to whom you entrust your expectations to be honest with you from the start. The trouble with this is that people have a tendency to want to tell us what they think we want to hear as opposed to what we need to hear, which is – the truth. The best way to get the truth out of someone else is to come right out and ask for it. Come right out and say, “Are you firmly committed to living up to these expectations; are you sure?” Add conditions if you like, such as “Payment is contingent on meeting these expectations.” This will usually result in either a commitment or a realistic adjustment to the expectations.

But what about those expectations we put on ourselves? Whom do we hold accountable for those and how do we avoid disappointment when they’re not reached? This is where Healers U can help. We work with healers, coaches, and counselors in several ways, one of which is to examine the expectations we have of ourselves, then analyze and reset them to be met.

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