Client Attraction Peril #3: When Envy of Others Becomes a Driver

Deny it or not, it’s a fundamental part of human nature. It happens when our focus shifts from where we are and what we have, to others for where they are and what they have…

When Envy of Others Becomes a Driver

Do you sometimes look at others and wish, “Gee, I’d like to be like him or her”? No? Really? We all have that feeling from time to time; it’s perfectly natural. It becomes unhealthy when it affects how we behave and work, and sets our course in a new direction.


The shift can be so subtle sometimes you don’t even notice it. You know you, right? You’re not like that! Truth is, to one degree or another, we’re all like that. The winners in this world are the ones who are able to recognize and overcome such distractions, accept them for what they are, get themselves back on track, and move forward.


The real winners are those who are able to compare themselves as they are today to who they were yesterday and say, “Hey, I’m better than him or her”! The goal isn’t to be better than the “other guy,” but to be better than the guy you were looking at in the mirror yesterday. Achieve that and you’ve done something to be truly proud of.


I speak from experience – as I do with each of the Seven Perils. I’ve been-there-done-that when it comes to wishing I were “them.” I discovered, the hard way, that keeping up with the Kardashians was not the way to live a life and certainly no way to run a business.


It’s distracting, self-destructive, and can really do a number on your ego. Keep in mind, those whom you envy are most surely envying others, and those are, in turn, envying others. Odds are there are many out there who envy you! So what does it all mean? Nothing!


We can be married, or have a mate or partner. We can have employees, contractors, friends, neighbors, and family members. Of the lot of them, who’s the only one we have total control over? Of all the people on this planet – who’s the ONE PERSON with whom you must be most satisfied? It’s really not a trick question. The bottom line – if you’re not happy with yourself then how can you expect those who love you, like you, depend on you, and PAY YOU to be happy with you?


Photo by Florencia Cárcamo

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