Client Attraction Peril #2: Status Quo-itis

Oftentimes “comfort” can become our own worst enemy, especially when it manifests itself into…

Status Quo-itis

Contentment is the archenemy of ambition and motivation. Why bother trying something new or venturing into unchartered territory? Everything’s nice as it is right now. Why not stop and smell the roses? That’s all well and good, but keep in mind it’s going to take quite a bit of energy to fire up the engines and get the train roaring down the track again. In other words, when you’re on a roll then keep on rolling. I’m not what you’d call one of your great baseball fans; however, we can learn a lot from history – even sports history. Consider this scenario…


The New York Yankees are playing against the Boston Red Sox for the American League Championship. The winner gets to go to the World Series – the ultimate dream of every baseball player. The first team to win four games advances to the series. The Yankees are up on the Red Sox 3 games to 0. All they have to do is win one game. ONE SILLY GAME and they’re on their way. The odds are so much in their favor – no team has ever failed to advance once accumulating such a commanding lead. They rested on their laurels and assumed their dream was “in the bag.” Meanwhile, the Red Sox (they called themselves “The Idiots”) took a “one game at a time” approach. Four games later, the Red Sox went on to the World Series and won.


Are you like the Yankees? Have you accepted a so-far-so-good approach and decided to sit back, assuming some kind of mysterious and mystic unseen force is simply going to “take it from here”? If so, like those highly skilled, professional, and talented (just like you) Yankees, you may wind up on the short end of the success stick.


Never allow the edge to dull. Never stop moving forward. Know, for a fact, someone – more likely several someones – will be waiting in the wings ready to steal the bread right from your table. The problem is how to know when Status Quo-itis has struck and how to deal with it. This is one of the ways we here at Healers U help healers, coaches, and counselors maintain their edge and continue the march to fulfill their dreams.


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