Client Attraction Peril #1: Are You To Big For Your Britches?


There’s an old song from the ’20s entitled “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows.” The lyrics tell the story of a man who considers himself a failure because he just can’t seem to make his vision or dreams become a reality. The reason, as it turns out, isn’t so much because of the man’s skills or even his passion and determination. Rather, it’s more a function of the dream itself.

He simply set his vision-bar too high. As a result, he’s frustrated, failing to appreciate his accomplishments and adjust his way of thinking (and dreaming) to more realistic and achievable levels.


These dreams are generally out of reach and bigger than you can manifest realistically, and you can find yourself getting nowhere fast. While dreaming big is a fun thing to do, being able to differentiate between what is real and attainable and what is pure fantasy is critical. One of the downsides of living in a world and at a time when it seems “anything’s possible” is that we often fail to consider the things that are more probable and plausible. One of the secrets for individual success is to be able to realistically define what it is. Most of the times it’s a matter of setting step-by-step levels of success, celebrating each step as you achieve it, and then moving on to the next. First-things-first is a great rule of thumb, and it applies to dreams as much as anything.


This is one of the areas where Healers U can help healers, coaches, and counselors to reach goals, get more enjoyment from what they do, and make more at it. It isn’t about raining on your parade or bursting bubbles. Rather, it’s just the opposite. It’s about helping you celebrate all the mini-parades and smaller bubbles you’re able to manifest based on what you accomplish. Or, as the song goes…


“I wonder if the world is to blame…

I wonder if it could be me…

I’m always chasing rainbows…”

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