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Unfortunately, a lot of marketing isn’t really geared toward those smaller business owners and micro-entrepreneurs. Most small businesses have smaller budgets and can’t keep up with big scale marketing campaigns like the big companies can. Without a budget for marketing, it can feel like you won’t make it.

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While big budget campaigns are for the big Apple’s of the world, healers, coaches, and holistic practitioners, have to find other solutions. However, we can use much of what they teach on a smaller scale that is appropriate for our type of small business to attract clients.

I’m going to make this easy for you and give you a simple answer—marketing funnel.

Marketing funnels are not new, nor are they hard to produce. One of the benefits is that they support your focus so you don’t feel so scattered about your marketing. In a nutshell, it’s just a series of steps that tell your clients what is next and where to go to get it. Marketing is often more important than what you are offering your clients in the beginning stages. It can seem daunting at first if you don’t like marketing, but plan on doing more of it if you are a new business owner. It is essential, so you have to quickly get over any barriers to it. Don’t complicate it with “I don’t know” or “what ifs” and “I can’t” – you will grow your business by creating a simple marketing plan. You will get better as you practice.

To begin your marketing plan start with these 2 questions to help you get clear about the marketing direction you will take:

Who is your ideal client and what problem do they have?

The first and most important step is to identify who you really want to work with or better yet, what problem you solve for them. To begin, ask questions to find out more about what they struggle with and want answers to. All good businesses solve people problems! This is a good starting point and the only one you may need. Once you know the answer, you have to provide a solution to it.

What solution do you provide?

The magic is getting this one as clear as possible. General answers like, “make a difference in people’s lives” isn’t specific enough. Go for something specific like, “attracting clients” for example. Don’t over-think this one. Most business owners have similar issues; figure out best what naturally fits with your skill set and their problem.

Now that was pretty simple right? Let’s look at one specific example of this.

Jan a dietician, provides quick and healthy weight loss plans (solution) to those women who have recently had children and want to shed those extra pounds (problem).

Now let’s take a look at what a sales funnel might look like in simple steps.

  1. Jan markets traffic to her website via Facebook ads by offering a report that reveals her “5 Best Secrets to Successful Weight Loss That You Haven’t Heard Before.”
  2. Jan’s potential clients then go to her website, sign up, and Jan sends them the report.
  3. Once they have opted in, they then receive her newsletter, a series of educational emails with tips and advice, and announcements about how she can help them further.

It can be as simple as that for one sales funnel.

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2 thoughts on “Client Attraction Marketing Made Easy

  1. Wow! You just saved me so much time. Labor intensive at first, but will pay off in the long haul. I can see this is a system that will work. Thanks for your great advice!