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Natalie Sisson’s blog is a terrific resource for you if you are looking for good content to read for your business. Lots of good stuff to learn. If you haven’t checked it out, below is a good article on Facebook marketing.

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Mentoring Support


support photoHave you wanted some free mentoring support, but didn’t know where to look?  Here is a good site and it’s free! MicroMentor is a terrific source for helping those that needs a boost without the hassles of having to hire someone. They cover all sorts of topics for business owners so there is a good possibility you will find a fit.


How To Make Your Business Card Client Attractive

Your business card is your calling card; don’t underestimate it. If you want your potential clients to recall you, then your business card should help them do just that. Your business card needs to include two important marketing messages—what you do and what your clients get.

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This is one opportunity that you have to make yourself client attractive. Make sure that your potential clients “get” you. Spend the most time conveying your message over what to put your business card. You can appeal to your potential client in many ways. One way is to include your picture on the card. It is easier for clients to remember you among the stack of business cards they collected if it includes your picture. This is just one visual opportunity you can use to help your clients recall you and your services. If you are a professional, then a nice firm card stock is recommended. Why? You can compare the use of firm card stock like that of giving a firm handshake—it means you care enough to make an impression. Another tip is to void free business card services. Most paid-for business card are relatively inexpensive these days and you can order small quantities should you want to make changes.

Recently after an event I couldn’t recall someone I met after looking at their business card and there was no note on it. When I called him I still couldn’t match a face with the card. After some discussion, I still couldn’t get a visual until he mentioned something we talked about. He had talked about something completely different than what his business card said! This is not good, nor does it leave a good impression. Make sure that your card matches your conversations with your clients! This is also a sign of someone who is marketing many things to too many people. Pick a strategy and stick to it.

You do want all your contact information on your business card. The important elements are your phone, email, and website for starters. Today, I don’t feel that your address is important unless you feel that it pertinent to how you work with your clients.

If you get great responses when you present your pitch to someone, then this information may need to be on your card. You want to be obvious about what you do. Don’t hide your talent. Your clients should want to contact you because you meet their ideal needs. They should think, “I Need That, or She’s Got What I Need.” For example:

The back of the card can be just as important. You may want the opportunity to schedule an appointment on the spot. In that case, you could then include date and time of appointment on the back of the card. Another option is to include a free offer and reference your website, and another is your tagline.

There are many ideas for business cards and some are trendier than others. I would go for messaging over look and feel. The color, font, style, and size of the card are important client attraction principles that are guided by your message and your personal branding.

I hope these takeaways are helpful. Take a moment to review your business card. Does it reflect the message you want the end user to get? If not, what changes can you make so that it is more specific to your clients needs?