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Natalie Sisson’s blog is a terrific resource for you if you are looking for good content to read for your business. Lots of good stuff to learn. If you haven’t checked it out, below is a good article on Facebook marketing.

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10 Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts To Attract Clients

Being creative with re-purposing your content will support your visibility and exposure.

Creating content takes time, and that is why so many entrepreneurs repurpose and reuse what they already have.

Let’s look at one example—this post. I have listed 10 ways in which I can reuse this post to increase visibility and/or improve my overall programs and services to my clients. Maybe this will spark some ideas for you to improve your productivity.

  1. Add it to Your Paid Program as a Template
  2. Create a Visually Stunning PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Record a Personal Video and Send it to Your Existing Clients via Email as a Bonus
  4. Post a Link of an Audio as a Bonus to Your Thank You Page
  5. RePost to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  6. Expand it and Create an Optin and Build Your List with it
  7. Interview and Record a Social Media Specialist and Transcribe it
  8. Podcast it
  9. Create a Guest Post with it
  10. Send it to an Article Directory

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A 5 Step Social Media Marketing Plan Made Easy

Having a good social media plan is essential for today’s online marketers. Having a clear cut plan takes the stress out of “what should I do” thoughts, and avoids you scrambling aimlessly at the next social media craze. There are several options out there and you want the best fit for your audience and market. Here are 5 simple steps to get you started.

  1. Why do you want a social media presence? (attract clients to your optin in page, gather leads for a webinar, create buzz around a launch, maximize your brand, etc)
  2. Where is your audience likely to hangout in social media? (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.)
  3. Who is your audience? (new subscribers in your niche, a new target market within your niche, Joint Venture partner members, etc.)
  4. What strategies would you like to use with the platform your chose? (Video, Audio, Blog, Guest Blog, Email Marketing, Teleseminar, Google Hangout, etc.)
  5. How will you measure your results? (google analytics, facebook stats, number of conversions, pay-per-click, A/B split testing, etc).

These simple 5 steps are all you need to do to sit down and create your marketing strategy right now.

If you would like further support, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary 90 minute consultation where we will dive deeper into your plan and what you want to manifest.Photo by DigitalRalph

3 Tips For Headlines That Work

You have mere seconds to capture a prospect’s attention. One of the single most powerful tools you have to accomplish this task is your headline. There are several keys to a compelling, and selling, headline and a few tips to help you get the job done.


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#1 Tap into Your Prospects’ Emotions

According to psychologists our buying decisions are based first and foremost on our emotions. Use headlines which offer your readers a strong emotional benefit or reaction. Some possible emotions are:

1. Attractive
2. Sexy
3. Assertive
4. Confident
5. Energetic
6. Pampered
7. A sense of belonging
8. In control of their own destiny
9. Wealthy
10. Proud
11. Respected
12. Safe

#2 Make it Active

For example, “Stop Your Sugar Cravings Today With This Simple Step,” is a fine headline however its focus is on a negative emotion – stop.  Switch the word “Stop” to “Conquer” and you have an active and emotionally positive word. Readers receive the benefit of feeling powerful and in control and it commands action.

#3 Let Your Reader Know They’re Important

The word YOU is a very powerful word. It let’s your reader’s feel as if you’re talking to them specifically and interested in solving their problems, issues and helping them achieve their desires. Instead of using I, Me or We in your headlines, use You. Using the headline example above compare the two options
“Conquer Your Sugar Cravings With This Simple Step.
“Conquer Sugar Cravings with Our System”

People want to know what’s in it for them and when they can assess that information in the headline, they’re going to be compelled to continue reading your copy and making a purchase.

Here are three more ideas for powerful headlines:

* Make a promise – Earn $1000 a day
* Make it newsworthy – New program guarantees you’ll earn $1000 a day.
* Ask a question – Do you want to ensure your financial future?

Three Simple Steps to Write Headlines That Sell

So now you have some ideas about what types of headlines sell, how do you begin to write those powerful headlines?

Step One – Get to know your audience intimately. What are their hopes, dreams, desires, and problems? Understanding your audience will help you create an emotional and powerful headline directed specifically at your audience.

Step Two – Determine how your products or services are going to make your prospects’ lives better or solve their problems. For example if you sell fitness equipment and your audience struggles with feeling attractive then you can create a headline that highlights a specific benefit your fitness equipment offers to solve that problem.

Step Three – Write ten to twenty, yes twenty, possible headlines. Not only will this give you practice writing compelling headlines, it’ll help you hone in on that perfect headline. And if you think you have a few winners you can always test them for conversion rates to find out which headline is more effective.

Marketing and copywriting experts consider your headline to be the most import element of any effective marketing piece. Take the time to craft a compelling, and selling, headline and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.