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speaker 1If you think you can’t live an authentic life while making a great living, I want you to “erase that thought.” My specialty is mentoring and training people like yourself — coaches, healers, and holistic practitioners — on how to attract clients, manifest more money, and create a business and lifestyle based on the principles and values that make you happiest.

As a self-employed professional, I understand the challenges you face in trying to make it all work, and I know firsthand how you can become a slave to your own creation as you strive to have the life you dream about. That’s why I’m now dedicated to training clients like you through immediate, step-by-step processes and systems so you can have a business where you are Healthy, Wealthy and Happy.

I’m especially passionate about coaching clients to transition from the ineffective model of trading “hours for money,” and moving towards manifesting multiple methods of passive income while giving back to charity and healing the world. Through One-on-One Instruction, Home Study, and V.I.P Days, I offer core methods and time-tested strategies that have helped many of my clients to create life-changing results by reaching more people and working less.

Having a love for knowledge and learning, I offer a wealth of skills, experience, and education to my clients. In addition to my business training, I am also a Licensed Psychotherapist (LMFT 85633) and graduate of the internationally known coaching academy, CoachU. I have studied programs like Rhonda Britten’s “Fearless Living,” Teri Levine’s “Work Yourself Happy,”  Consulting Alliance’s “The Entrepreneurial Edge,” and  Michelle Schubnel “Coach and Grow Rich” and I’m a lifetime member of the Thrive Academy with millionaires Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs and a platinum member of Clients on Demand with Russ Raffino. I’m also a voracious reader and consider myself a lifelong learner.

While in San Francisco, I became the first Associate Director of The Metronome Ballroom, and was a key player in helping the ballroom to double its sales in two years. I received dance training at Arthur Murray and Fred Astaire Dance Studios and in 2002, I competed in the International Gay Games among the top 12 couples. On the lighter side, I acted in a hilarious swing dance sequence directed by the TV show Candid Camera.

While creating a life that I want has always been a passion, I strive to work smarter, not harder, so I can enjoy a variety of creative hobbies and relish in the beauty of living in Northern California.

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