A 5 Step Social Media Marketing Plan Made Easy

Having a good social media plan is essential for today’s online marketers. Having a clear cut plan takes the stress out of “what should I do” thoughts, and avoids you scrambling aimlessly at the next social media craze. There are several options out there and you want the best fit for your audience and market. Here are 5 simple steps to get you started.

  1. Why do you want a social media presence? (attract clients to your optin in page, gather leads for a webinar, create buzz around a launch, maximize your brand, etc)
  2. Where is your audience likely to hangout in social media? (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.)
  3. Who is your audience? (new subscribers in your niche, a new target market within your niche, Joint Venture partner members, etc.)
  4. What strategies would you like to use with the platform your chose? (Video, Audio, Blog, Guest Blog, Email Marketing, Teleseminar, Google Hangout, etc.)
  5. How will you measure your results? (google analytics, facebook stats, number of conversions, pay-per-click, A/B split testing, etc).

These simple 5 steps are all you need to do to sit down and create your marketing strategy right now.

If you would like further support, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary 90 minute consultation where we will dive deeper into your plan and what you want to manifest.Photo by DigitalRalph

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