5 Top Strategies To Attract Clients

A strategy is HOW you go about getting something done. This can be an approach, a behavior, a system, etc.

It’s good practice to design your strategy before you design your action plan to support the overall success of your next step— your action plan.

Below is a list of 5 strategies to attract clients that you can use right away.

Client Attraction Strategy #1 Connecting – Listen Deeply

Connection is one of the most effective strategies as it results in the know, like, and trust factor which supports your plan to have clients in your business.

Be curious and know your clients so they feel seen, heard and felt by you. Have the conversations be more about what you can DO for them than what you wish to offer them.

Client Attraction Strategy #2 Position Yourself – Talk Your Expertise

The purpose of positioning is to support the overall strategy of you being the key person who has the solution to your client’s problem over the next guy.

Weave in some examples of your success with other clients to support your client to get a better understanding of the results that they may get.

Client Attraction Strategy #3 Tracking – Understand What Works

Tracking support the overall plan by measuring its effectiveness. Without tracking we don’t really know if something is working or not.

Set up an A/B test to determine whether red or green works better on your submit button.

Marketing Strategy #4 Questions – Ask The Right Ones

Knowing what questions to ask when, is one strategy that supports the direction you are moving towards. It also supports your clients to move towards or away from your services.

What haven’t we discussed, that would help you to attract 5 new clients this month?

Client Attraction Strategy #5 Review – Checking In

Always have a plan to check in with what is working and what is not working in your strategies.

You must schedule time each week or month to measure your strategies against your expectations.

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