5 Hot Tips To Dive Deeper With Clients

Try these hot tips!

Hot Tip #1 – Listen Deeply 

Listening is the most crucial element in coaching as it paves the way to everything else. Listen for what is said, what is not said, and this will help you understand your client’s motivations and resistance to their own needs for transformation. Let your client do the talking and listen to what signals your body is telling you.

Hot Tip #2 – Ask Provocative Questions

Powerful questions gets to the heart of what a client wants to manifest beyond their business. My suggestion is to ask permission whether you can go a little deeper with your questioning. This will support the client’s buy-in and trust to go to new places. Ask questions that support the deeper desires or make light of resistances that are being revealed in the conversation.

Hot Tip #3 – Don’t Be Afraid

Your clients hired you for a reason. Be brave and allow your insights to shine through. They want you to show them and lead them to their own answers. If you consult, then offer a great tip. You don’t serve anyone by playing small.

Hot Tip #4 – Have Some Structure

One of the most important things is to guide the call. Plan ahead a bit of structure so that you know where you might begin and where you would like to end. Having some structure also shows that you are professional and that you took the time to think about your client before the call. Have a written outline to support you in the conversation should you get off track.

Hot Tip #5 – Be Authentic and Grounded

Your client hired you because they liked your energy, your professionalism, your ability to help them, and/or your chutzpa! Whatever the reason, it’s important to trust your uniqueness and build relationship with them. Be yourself without given away yourself.

These 5 Tips can be a blessing when you are losing focus. Always be prepared before a call and then use what structure you have to support the depth and freedom within the call. Being more prepared is always better than being under prepared.

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