5 Best Problem Solving Questions For Coaches


Asking good questions can support you to go deeper with your clients. Try these examples below and let me know how they worked for you.

Exception Questions:

The client is asked to recall a time when their current problem didn’t exist and how they managed things when it wasn’t there.

Question Example: Tell me about a time when you didn’t get so anxious. Or, Looking back, when you were in a similar situation and you didn’t get anxious, how did you manage it?

Miracle Questions:

This is to help the client imagine the future as if a miracle were true and the current problem did not exist.

Question Example: Imagine tomorrow you wake up and discover a miracle has occurred about your issue. What is different and how has your problem been solved? Or, imagine you awake from a dream and discover a miracle answer to your problem, what changed for the miracle to happen? How are you different now that the miracle occurred? What had to happen in order for you to attract the miracle?

Scaling Questions:

This is a popular one. This questions supports your client to see the intensity of the issue by rating on a scale of 1 (lowest)-10 (highest).

Example: You said your problem was a 9. What would you need to do to make it a 4? Or, who would you need to be to lower your score? Or, what would need to take place for you to change the number? What stands in the way of you doing that?

Presupposing Questions:

This is similar to assumptive selling, except you begin with assuming something is different or has changed with the client with this question.

Example: What positive change happened since the last time we met? Or, since our last visit how have you moved forward?

Coping Questions:

These questions help the client to find the strengths that they are already inside them, but they may have forgotten about. Your goal is to help them to recall and use them.

Example: In spite of everything that is going on in your crazy schedule, how have you managed to keep going? Or, I know you feel like throwing in the towel, but somehow you keep going, how do you do that?

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