4 Easy Steps To Attract Clients

Identify Your Ideal Client
This really comes without saying, but you do need to understand who your clients are. One way to do that is to create your ideal client profile. This isn’t some fantasy client you dream of getting. This is the client that most fits the problem you solve for them.

Attend Their Hangouts
One way to attract clients is to find out where you ideal clients like to hang out and spend time with them. This might be a convention, workshop, speaking engagement or seminar. At the event you then find out more about them, their problems, and learn how to better serve them.

Be Visible
One way to be visible is offer to speak at these events you are attending. Another would be to create a joint venture with other speakers to broaden your reach.

Make Your Message Count
Get their attention by crafting a terrific “What Do You Do” statement so they are compelled to work with you with a resounding YES!

This 4 step model is very effective when beginning your private practice or small business and most likely will take up to 50% or more of your schedule to build your business.

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