3 Simple Steps To Attracting Clients

Defining your market is essential and it can be as simple as filling in the blank. Try these on and come up with your own.

Who You Coach
Keep it simple and think of only one person or one profession.

I work with_______________.

A few examples:
I work with professionals
I work with stay-at-home moms
I work with lawyers
I work with entrepreneurs
I work with single dads

What you Do
Keep it simple and think of only one or two important struggles you solve.

Who struggle with_____________.

A few examples:
Who struggle with burnout on the job
Who struggle with balancing home and work
Who struggle with stress
Who struggle with attracting clients
Who struggle with finding their soul mate

How You Do It
Keep it simple and benefit rich.

A few examples:
I coach them to find a job they love in 90 days
I provide wellness solutions that ignite their energy
I heal their trauma so they no longer suffer
I expand my clients reach so they attract more clients and double their business
I teach them step-by-step how to attract the love of their life.

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4 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps To Attracting Clients

  1. Your steps for attracting a client are excellent. It’s almost like writing a mission statement. It’s so important to make sure you can define your market and, therefore, effectively reach your goals.

  2. OMG! This is the best, most simple list I’ve seen yet as to how to narrow your audience down. This is perfect! Thank you SO much for this invaluable tool. Will print immediately and get to it! You are SUCH a life saver!