10 Ways To Repurpose Blog Posts To Attract Clients

Being creative with re-purposing your content will support your visibility and exposure.

Creating content takes time, and that is why so many entrepreneurs repurpose and reuse what they already have.

Let’s look at one example—this post. I have listed 10 ways in which I can reuse this post to increase visibility and/or improve my overall programs and services to my clients. Maybe this will spark some ideas for you to improve your productivity.

  1. Add it to Your Paid Program as a Template
  2. Create a Visually Stunning PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Record a Personal Video and Send it to Your Existing Clients via Email as a Bonus
  4. Post a Link of an Audio as a Bonus to Your Thank You Page
  5. RePost to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  6. Expand it and Create an Optin and Build Your List with it
  7. Interview and Record a Social Media Specialist and Transcribe it
  8. Podcast it
  9. Create a Guest Post with it
  10. Send it to an Article Directory

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Photo by Chris Heiler

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